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forbidden marriage

Marriage of christians with unbelievers

There is in the Christian world an astonishing, alarming indifference to the teaching of God's word in reard to themarriage of Christians with unbelievers. Many who profess to love and fear God choose to follow the bent of their own minds rather than take counsel of Infinite Wisdom. In a matter which vitally concerns the happiness and well-being of both parties for this world and the next, reason, judgment, and the fear of God are set aside; and blind impulse, stubborn determination are allowed to control. AH pp.61 Chap.9

God Forbids Believers Marrying Unbelievers.-

Never should God's people venture upon forbidden ground. Marriage between believers and unbelievers is forbidden by God. But too often the unconverted have heart follows its own deires, and marriages unsanctioned by God are formed. Because of this many men and women are without hope and without God in the world. Their noble aspirations are dead; by a chain of circumstances they are held in Satan's net. Those who are ruled by passion and impulse will have a bitter harvest to reap in this life and their course may result in the loss of their souls. AH pp 66 Chap.9

Those who profess the truth trample on the will of God in marrying unbelievers: they lose His favor and make bitter work for repentance. The unbelieving may possess an excellent moral character, but the fact that he or she has not answered to claims of God and has neglected so great salvation is sufficient reason why such a union should not be consummated. The character of the unbelieving may be similar to that of the young man to whom Jesus addressed the words,"One thing thou lackest"; that was the one thing needful." AH pp 66 Chap 9

July 25th, 2018

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Pastor: Doug Batchelor